Vintage Hand-Casted 'ARMETALE-WILTON/BUGLE' Bar Mug/Stein

This original vintage ARMETALE-WILTON/BUGLE bar mug/stein/tankard cast in the shape of a bugle, is made NOT made from pewter, but rather from the trademarked Armetale, which is a unique, non-toxic aluminum-based alloy composed of ten different metals!
As per the stamped hallmarks - manufactured in the U.S.A. by Ralph (Bud) Wilton of the Wilton Products - exact production date unknown.
3D - thick american metal casting at its finest, 5 inches tall - very light use and abuse by years of having been exposed to the elements (ie: smoking drunks). Finish that's still slick and shiny with a perfectly aged patina...just the way we like'em!
A must for any man-cave, bar/tavern/pub, garage, game room, kitchen, lady den - or just as a cool conversation piece in your home or office.

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