This 12-inch Polystone Collectible statue is of the battle-scarred legendary Optimus Prime ready to kick ass and take names - marking his turf atop the Autobot crest!

As a  veteran of a civil war that has raged since before the faintest glimmerings of our 'human civilization'. Rising from the ranks of his fellow Autobot warriors, Optimus received the Autobot Matrix of Leadership which gave this courageous soldier access to generations of Autobot wisdom and knowledge stretching back to the dawn of his race's history.

No simple machine or weapon of war, Optimus Prime's original transforming mode has been re-configured for our Earthly environment, mimycking the "indigenous" form most-closely resembling his original Cybertronian structure. Beneath the appearance of chrome, rubber and steel burns an alien heart dedicated to the cause of freedom from tyranny...not only for the citizens of Cybertron, but for ALL sentient beings threatened by the conquering rage of Megatron and the Decepticons.

This 2003 Limited Edition by Palisades, presented the Autobots famous commander, forged here with detail and styling fans had demanded (us included!) finally capturing the original cartoon retro styling that we all fell in love with as kids!

Truly more than meets the eye...#1603 of only 1750!

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