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Tommy Gun Hand-Crafted Glass Pipe

This 18.25" Tommy Gun Pipe is Decorative yet functional by leveraging the latest technology. The Tommy Gun, also known as the Chicago Typewriter, became one of history’s most iconic firearms during 1920 to 1933 U.S.'s Prohibition era. It became synonymous with notorious American Gangster, mafioso and Public Enemy No.1 - Chicago Crime Boss - Al Capone, aka; SCARFACE!

This Canadian designed exclusive was conceived with functionality, performance, and durability in mind and is truly a piece of the highest quality hand-crafted glass art, that will offer you an unforgettable smoking experience. It's easy to use, shock resistant, easily maintained and conveniently sized for subtle suave usage.

The chillum is used as a diffuser, for spreading the smoke into the tube for water filtration - Both cleaning and cooling the smoke in the process. The sleek, modern and innovative design is a serious conversation starter that will spark curiosity and turn heads. It's a truly collectible treasure that looks impressive and was built to last.

Product Details
— Hand-Crafted Glass Art 
Measurements 5'W x 18.25'H
— Canadian Designed Exclusive 
— High Quality for An Unforgettable Smoking Experience 
— Professional Packaging for A Safe Delivery