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Love Star Wars? If you're like us and you love the iconic Stormtroopers but tired of the same regurgitated merch since '77 ?!? Well here's your chance to own the most original rendition yet - the 2002 Gentle Giant Statue 'Death Trooper Deluxe'.

Inspired by the events from the Random House novel DeathTroopers. Nothing can prepare the galaxy for what lies waiting aboard a seemingly abandoned, derelict Star Destroyer. Amidst its vast creaking emptiness the unknown is lurking and the dead are slowly rising: soulless, unstoppable, and unspeakably hungry.
This elite Stormtrooper is infected with more than just the Dark Side of the Force. This remarkably horrifying 12-inch statue with interchangeable parts (each more gruesome than the next), is crafted outta heavy, high quality polystone. Each piece is individually numbered and comes with a matching certificate of authenticity.
Based on the original Lucasfilm costumes and props...EACH is accurately sculpted with detailed and distressed armor, then hand painted to exacting specifications.
Must-have for any Star Wars, Zombie/horror fans and/or, simply a collector that wants and appreciates unite works of art. #158 of only 620!

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