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Sin City- 2005 Marv 18" Action Figure Statue

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Pay homage to Sin City and to the biggest bad-ass in all of Basin City, Marv, with this 18" action figure that is greatly detailed in the likeness of actor Mickey Rourke. Basin City is infested with lowly criminals, crooked cops and deviously sexy dames, like Marv... No matter what anybody says, there's nothing crazy about Marv. He's sane as hell. He was just born in the wrong goddamn century. He belongs on some ancient battlefield, swinging an ax into somebody's face but here he is, here and now. And whoever killed the woman of his dreams is going to pay. In blood and Marv's likely to take his own sweet time making the bastard pay.

A must have for Mickey Rourke's fans, he's a borderline psychopath on a mission to find the killer of his beloved Goldie, and he will stop at nothing until he uncovers the truth. All it took was one night for Goldie to be cemented into his heart for ever, and now he must find who is responsible for her death.

Comes complete with original box, decorate your home, business or office, with this unique piece of entertainment history!

Product details:
— Product Dimension: 18"H
— Collectible Marv Sin City Statue
— True to scale in every detail
— Fantastic Realism

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