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STAR WARS - SALACIOUS CRUMB - Decapitated C-3PO Limited Edition 2005 Statue

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There’s really no better explanation for Salacious Crumb than the court jester of the Star Wars universe. The annoyingly pervasive Kowakian monkey-lizard who doubled as Jabba’s pet and purveyor of entertainment grasped the attention of Star Wars fans the moment they saw him in Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi. It was evident at times that he was a little too interested in Princess Leia in her slave outfit (just watch him carefully in the various scenes of Jabba’s palace!). He essentially was a layabout but in perfect company with the biggest “bum” of all; Jabba the Hutt. Mocking and mimicking were his methods and it was perhaps his immature behavior that caught fans' attention in the first place. Surprisingly, he’s a character that is often brought forth into various scales. Plastic or polystone, it’s a good bet you’ll continue to see him throughout the years as it seems we just can’t get enough of him.

This 4.25 inch, 2005 electronic version of Salacious Crumb may be one of the finest collectibles of this character to date. The sculpture, design and concept are rather brilliant and capture the character in his finest moments. He’s sitting atop one of the luxury pillows from Jabba’s throne and in hand is the “decapitated” head of C-3PO. Obviously this never happened in the film, but it’s evident that the artists wanted to merge the happenings of C-3PO from Episode V (when he was blown to bits) with the "facial" damage caused by Crumb in Episode VI. This creates a conglomerated concept of off-screen battle-damage that remarkably looks believable to the point that you may doubt that you never saw this in the film. Now that is some clever collectible making by our standards! (Besides, they had to cut C-3PO off somewhere!) What’s more? Electronics - with the flick of a button, C-3PO’s left eye flickers intermittently.

STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION OF 2500 units - this is #679!

A must for any man-cave, home theater, bar, garage, game room, women den - or just as a cool conversation piece in your home or office.


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