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Original Vintage SOUTHERN COMFORT Glass Pitcher

This vintage, 8-inch tall glass Southern Comfort (SoCo) Pitcher is perfect for: 100 US proof  (50% ABV), 70 US proof (35% ABV), 42 US proof (21% ABV), Southern Comfort Special Reserve which found in duty-free-shops (it's a blend of Southern Comfort and bourbon, and is 80 US proof (40% ABV). Southern Comfort Lime, released in summer 2010, which is 55 proof (27.5% ABV) (UK 2013 20% ABV) and Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry, released in summer 2012, which is 70 proof (35% ABV).

Or, you can even use it for Southern Comfort ready-to-pour cocktails, including Southern Comfort Sweet Tea, Southern Comfort Hurricane and Southern Comfort Lemonade, which are all 30 proof (15% ABV).

The point I'm trying to make is don't use this for anything BUT SoCo -The Grand Old Drink of the South - or you will be haunted by the ghost of Martin Wilkes Heron!

Great original condition - light wear'n tear - no chips or crack.

A must for any man-cave, bar, garage, game room - or better yet, to replace that horrible family picture over the living room fireplace!

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