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Lord Of The Rings - Narsil Aundãšril Handmade Sword Prop

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Pay homage to Lord of the Rings with this iconic sword, Narsil's sword, Andúril, also called the Flame of the West, which is the reforged sword from the shards of Narsil. After the Council of Elrond, the Elves of Rivendell reforged Narsil into a new sword, which Aragorn later used and named Andúril. When it was made whole again, the light of the sun shone redly in it, and the light of the moon shone cold, and its edge was hard and keen. Forged by hand out of stainless steel and measuring 52 inches, it comes complete with matching, elegant black sheath and leather strap.

Decorate your home, business or office, with this incredible piece of entertainment history!

Product details:

— Sword Dimensions: 52"L
— Collectible Narsil Aundãšril Handmade Sword Prop
— 440 Stainless Steel
— Handmade
— Accurately Detailed
— Complete with Matching, Elegant Black Sheath and Leather Strap.
— Since this piece is unique, you will receive the exact piece showcased in these pictures