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Lord Of The Rings - Gandalf'S Glamdring Handmade Sword Prop

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This specially-curated collection from RARE-T features a staggering array of High Quality Celebrity Fantasy Weapons and Pop culture Props from the world of classic movies, comics and video games superheroes and from best in the entertainment business. Handmade by talented artists from around the world, each and every one of these unique keepsakes represents a pop culture icon in vivid color and impeccable detail. Pay homage to Lord of the Rings with this iconic Glamdring Sword. This offering is an accurately detailed prop and a tribute to the sword first used in the award winning movie Lord of the Rings, by the iconic character Gandalf. Forged by hand out of 440 stainless steel, and measuring 42.5 inches, the Glamdring sword was forged by the elves for King Turgon of Gondolin, one of the High Kings of the Noldor. It was the twin sword of Orcrist, the weapon of the Ecthelion of the Fountain, Captain of the City. The sword disappeared after the fall of Gondolin, at the end of the First Age of Arda, being discovered in the Third Age by Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins and the company of dwarves (as told in “The hobbit”) in a troll cave, as part of a treasure whose origins could be placed in the sack of Gondolin. It comes complete with matching wooden wall plaque display.

Decorate your home, business or office, with this incredible piece of entertainment history!