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KAIENAKWAAHTON War Chief Vintage Bust

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This hand-painted vintage bust was sculpted in homage to the great Senaca Tribe War Chief - Ayenqueraghta (The inspiration for Johnny Depp's character in the movie The Lone Ranger)
Ayenqueraghta (KAIEÑÃKWAAHTOÑ phonetically) lived from 1707 to 1786.His name in the Seneca language, meaning "Disappearing Smoke". In historical records he is most often known as Sayenqueraghta (or Sayengaraghta), which was his name in the Mohawk language, or by nicknames such as 'Old Smoke' or the 'Seneca King'.
He was born the son of Cayenquaraghta, a prominent Seneca chief of the Turtle clan in western New York. He lived most of his life at Ganundasaga, near the present day town of Geneva, New York. He obtained his rank of war chief in 1751. Before the American Revolution he was referred to as chief of the Senecas.

He served on the British side during the French and Indian War and was present at the Battle of Fort Niagara. During Pontiac's Rebellion he was the Seneca war-chief who defeated the British at the Battle of Devil's Hole.

In 1765, he went on an expedition against the Cherokee and Choctaw - This expedition was remembered nearly a century later for the loot of scalps and other trophies obtained...

Early in the American Revolution, Sayenqueraghta tried to keep the Iroquois neutral. He attempted in June, 1777 to retrieve Seneca warriors who had joined Butler at Fort Niagara. In July, 1777, the Seneca decided to enter the war on the British side and he was named, along with Cornplanter, to be the war chiefs of the Iroquois confederacy.

He was one of the organizers of the ambush at the Battle of Oriskany, where his son was killed. He was the primary Indian leader at the Battle of Wyoming. In 1781, he led a war party towards Fort Pitt.

He was described by General Frederick Haldimand as "by many degrees the most leading and the man of most consequence and influence in the Six Nations".

He died in Smoke Creek, Lackawanna, New York - Which was named after him.

This is a guaranteed conversation starter and the crown jewel of any collection. Complete with a certificate of authenticity - It's an exciting investment that will only get better with age.

Great vintage patina - just the way we like'em!

A must for any man-cave, bar/tavern/pub, smoking den, garage, game room, lady den, or Americana collector.

Product details:

— Statue dimensions: 5.5"H
— Hand-Painted Ceramic Statue
— McCloud Mold 84
— Certificate of Authenticity Included
— Since this piece is unique, you will receive the exact piece showcased in the pictures

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