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Hellboy- Vintage 2005 Limited Edition Comic Book Version Action Figure

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Pay homage to "The World's greatest Greatest Paranormal Investigator", Hellboy with this vintage 2005 limited edition action figure from the award winning comic books by Mike Mignola.

Hellboy busts off the comic page and doesn't lose a bit of the toughness that makes him so cool. The first thing you notice when you pick this guy up is how heavy he is. This is one solid toy. The plastic Mezco used was some sturdy stuff! It's obvious that Mez worked closely with Mike Mignola because Hellboy is just an amazingly detailed action figure. He sports scars and cracks in his skin really giving the impression that this guy has been through the ringer more than once. Where his horns have been removed there appears to be saw marks. The Right Hand of Doom is huge and it too has cracks and while it is molded into a fist, it has enough undercuts to not appear to be just a piece of plastic. His belt isn't attached to his waist; or rather I should say it is attached like a real belt. There are many things on his belt that reference the comic as well. His gun, Samaritan, fits into the soft rubber holster (bearing a US insignia), his rosary hangs on a real chain, the big red homing beacon is on the buckle, there are lots of pockets, and he has a horse shoe for checking if babies are really demons (they hate iron). He also comes with a walkie talkie that bears the Zinco label (another nod to the comic's fans). But the gun doesn't only fit into the holster. It fits snuggly into his hand, which is molded with the index finger extended to rest on the trigger. Now you're thinking, "Sure it looks great, but it can't be poseable." Well guess again because this guy sports 21 points of articulation! The stunners are a ball jointed neck, a ball jointed wrist on the R.H.of D., and 3 perfectly placed twists in the tail. All the joints are tight (with major ones ratcheted) which makes for great posing and stability.

Mike Mignola created the demonic, cigar-chomping paranormal investigator Hellboy in 1993, and the character quickly became a hit in the comic-book world. A lot of that had to do with Mignola's angular, shadowy art, a style Alan Moore once called "German Expressionism meets Jack Kirby."

Comes complete in unsealed original box, this is a guaranteed conversation starter and breathtaking addition to your prestigious and unique decor.

Product details:

— Action figure dimensions: 7"H
— Collectible Hellboy Action Figure
— 21 Points of Articulation
— Fantastic Realism
— Limited Edition
— Comes complete with original packaging

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