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G.I. Joe- Limited Edition Hot Toys Retaliation Storm Shadow Articulated Figure

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Pay homage to GI Joe with this masterpiece a limited edition, 1/6 Scale Figure from Hot Toys. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Lee Byung Hun in his white ninja bodysuit, highlighting the newly developed heads, highly detailed costume and weapons. This statue has over 30 points of articulation and stands at approximately 12" tall.

He comes with 9 total hands, two fists, two ninja star throwing, two sword or sai holding, two open palms, and one gun holding. Each and every one of them is sculpted and painted superbly, and has an incredible amount of detail.

He also comes with three throwing stars that have an amazing metallic finish to them, and are surprisingly sharp. His ninja sai’s have that same metallic paint on them which makes them look like real metal, and the wraps are wonderfully done as well. The gun itself is an amazing piece of art, and the most surprising part is that the clip actually comes out, and the chamber is articulated as well. Finally, his two swords are AWESOME. They are actually made of metal, so the shine and sheen you get with them is perfect, and you know they will not bend or warp over time. The detail is excellent in each and every accessory, and you can’t go wrong posing him with any of them.

There is a spot for each and every one of his accessories to be stored on the figure itself. The swords and sai’s can be slotted into sheaths on his back, the gun fits nicely into the holster on his belt, and the throwing stars fit into a pouch that is also on his belt. The thing you look at the most, and rightfully so, is the face sculpts. The level of detail here is so perfect, you really will think that they just shrunk down Lee Byung-hun and put him in a box. Then, you snap off his head to put on the alternate head and realize it really is just a toy. Every part of his face is spot on, and it’s a little freaky to be honest. The hair has fantastic lines, and even the masked face is so life-like, it’s hard to look away. All of the hands look great, and with the sculpted finger-less gloves, you can see each wrinkle and fingernail in all it’s full glory. The shoes look like real shoes, and every inch of them is covered in crisp, clean sculpting detail. From the leather straps on the sai’s, to the full detail on the handgun, everything looks amazingly life-like. He is clad in an all white long leather-like jacket, that has these incredible stitches in it. The parts of the jacket that extend past the waist are rigid enough to get some poseability out of them, while remaining silky smooth.

This is definitely a G.I. lover's dream. Comes complete in original collector friendly window box packaging, It's the perfect addition to your prestigious and unique decor.

Product details:

— Statue dimensions: 12"H
— Collectible GI Joe Storm Shadow Statue
— Limited Edition
— 30 Points of Articulation
— Fantastic Realism
— Complete with original packaging

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