Vintage Handmade Italian Cast Brass 'The Fly' Ashtray

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Like it or not - people still smoke. So why is it that you can't find nice ashtrays anywhere?!?
Well, if you got'em smoke'em I say! Then lift up the wings to expose the ashtray, and put'em out in style with this original weird and beautifully weathered patina'd cast brass ''THE FLY' ashtray - a true relic from the days when men where men, and doctors smoked in your face during consultations!
Handmade in Italy by NORLEANS who where in business from 1950-70 - exact production date is unknown.
t's fairly heavy, thick, 7.5 inches, intricately detailed - used and abused by years of having been exposed to the elements (mainly drunk people), with a finish that's perfectly aged - just the way we like'em!
A must for any man-cave, bar/tavern/pub/saloon, garage, lady den - if you're allowed to smoke indoors that is? If not, take it outside and get rid of that stinking empty bottle you have lying around.

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