EARLY TIMES - 1904 PIERCE ARROW Kentucky Bourbon Vintage 1975 Display/Advertisement

This vintage BEAST - almost 14 inches was, is and always will be the crown jewel of any transportation and/or alcohol related collection! Hand-sculpted and painted to highlight the detailed iconic 1904 PIERCE ARROW, as well as the 2 sided EARLY TIMES emblem, and 'OLD-STYLE KENTUCKY BOURBON' embossed base. Finish off the look with a EARLY TIMES Kentucky Bourbon bottle as per designed by the artist. Never intended for resale! Manufactured in the U.S.A. by EARLY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY in 1975. Car is in beautiful original condition considering these, usually, just haven't survived. Only slightly used and abused by years of having been exposed to the elements with a finish that's now perfectly aged...great patina and it's just the way we like'em!

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