BATMAN - 1950's BATMOBILE Deluxe Set Limited Edition Scale Statue

Here's an Art Deco Batmobile, that aside from ol'school die-hard fans, most never even knew existed.

This Deluxe Set Limited Edition, finely crafted hand-painted, cold-cast, porcelain replica of the sleek Batmobile, driven by Batman & Robin throughout the 50's, recreates one of the most famous vehicles in comics. With "Light-Up" head and taillights, searchlights, cockpit and hood ornament, this legendary crime-fighting car is brought to life!

Limited to 1500 - this is 2002, 12.5-inch long work of art is #1205. It also includes a 16 x 22-inch detailed blueprint of the Batmobile, as well as the "title" registration document, which all deserve to be framed.

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