ELVIS PRESLEY - YOUR'S ELVIS 1955 Collectors Series Decanter & Music Box

This original vintage Collectors Series 'YOUR'S ELVIS '55' Straight Bourbon Whiskey Decanter was designed by Bob L. Harness, then sculpted and painted by hand. Patterned in loving memory of THE KING himself - ELVIS 1935-1977.
Manufactured in the U.S.A. by BOXCAR ENTERPRISES INC. in 1977, for the McCORMICK DISTILLING COMPANY.
He's made out of American Porcelain, 7.5 inches tall and empty (of course). Very lightly used and abused by years of having been exposed to the elements (mainly smoking drunks!). It's in overall amazing condition given that these just haven't survived due to the fragile construction method and material. Even the cork is still good to go - which is surprising since they always need replacing on these suckers after decades of drying out. That being said - impressive deco... no chips or cracks. Perfectly aged. Just the way we like'em...
A must for any man-cave, bar, saloon, tavern, pub, garage, game room, lady den, home theater, music room, restaurant, diner - or just as a cool gift and/or conversation piece for your home or office.

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