GREEN LANTERN - POWER RING in Collectors DC Comics Display Case

This life size Collectors 'DC COMICS - GREEN LANTERN' Power Ring prop in a display case is based on the model which had its first appearance in All-American Comics #16 - July 14,1940.

Powered by the Green Flame, a magically empowered flame contained within a metallic orb that fell from space, the orb was then fashioned into a lantern and the ring this one emulates. Later writers revised this to be a fragment of an object called the Starheart, the result of Guardians of the Universe collecting and isolating most of the magic forces in the universe. This early version of the ring is shown as being powerless against wooden objects. Not to worry - this one is powerless against EVERYTHING!

Great show piece for your home or office.

This specially-curated collection from RARE-T features a staggering array of High Quality Celebrity Fantasy Weapons and Pop culture Props from the world of classic movies, comics and video games superheroes and from best in the entertainment business. Handmade by talented artists from around the world, each and every one of these unique keepsakes represents a pop culture icon in vivid color and impeccable detail.           

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