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Clive Barker'S Tortured Souls- Limited Edition Vintage 2002 Venal Anatomica 12' Articulated Statue

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Pay homage to Clive Barker and his Tortured Souls, with this Limited Edition, 12" Vintage Venal Anatomica Statue. As an assassin, a monster who kills at its master's command, it has several weapons. Firstly, the hooks embedded in its left hand, and the hook-device strapped to its right and the spiked ball and chain that hangs from it. Secondly, it has a two weapons hanging from its belt - one is another spike/scythe, and the other is more disturbing - a spiked metal phallus.

A nine feet tall monster made of rotten flesh, Venal Anatomica was one of Dr. Talisac's failures. Montefalco wished it to be completed in order to get rid of the two monsters (The Scythe Meister and Lucidique), which were haunting Primodium. Strong and apparently immune to pain, Venal Anatomica succeeded in killing The Scythe Meister, but was overcome by Lucidique who blinded him. Venal then spent the rest of his life eating bodies from a graveyard.

Comes complete with original vintage box, decorate your home, business or office, with this unique piece of entertainment history!

Product details:

— Statue dimensions:12"H
— Collectible Tortured Souls Vintage Statue
Limited Edition
Vintage statue 2002

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