Ceramic 'LAS VEGAS-ROULETTE' Casino/Bar Ashtray

Like it or not - People still smoke. So why is it that you can't find nice ashtrays anywhere?!?
Well, If you got'em smoke'em I say! Then put'em out in style with this original ceramic 'LAS VEGAS-ROULETTE' Casino/ Pub/Tavern/Bar Ashtray - a beautiful piece showcasing all the iconic City of Sin colors. As elegant as it gets. 
No markings so exact production date is unknown. It's heavy, thick, 5 inches wide - slick and glossy. Just the way we like'em!
A must for any man-cave, game room, bar, garage, lady den - if you're allowed to smoke indoors that is? If not, take it outside and get rid of that stinking empty bottle you have lying around.

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