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Catwoman - Catwoman Limited Edition Sideshow Premium Format Statue

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Celebrating the Gotham City's most notorious cat burglar, this is a Vintage Catwoman Premium Format™ Statue, strictly limited to 2000 units world wide, long sold out. The special FX masters behind the actual costume fabrication for the film, to produce the ultimate screen-accurate representation of Catwoman.

Captured at an impressive 23 inches high in approximately 1:4 scale. It was based upon state-of-the-art three-dimensionally scans of the actress, costume, and prop as well as original uniform and models from the DC Archives, combined with high end sculpting and painting, to develop the impeccable detail that this statue features. The result is a fantastic realism.

Out on the prowl in her glossy black fitted jumpsuit and night-vision goggles, Selina Kyle steals the spotlight as she stops to give her trademark whip a twirl. With a feline companion trailing at her feet, the sly and stealthy femme fatale shoots a mischievous glance over her shoulder. Whether she's looking for her next heist, or a kiss from a certain caped crusader, one thing's for certain - there's gonna be bad luck for anyone who crosses this cat's path. It's so unique and rare, you will be getting the exact item shown in the pictures.

This is a guaranteed conversation starter and a breathtaking addition to your prestigious and unique decor. It's an exciting investment that will only get better with age.

Product Details:
— Statue Dimensions: 23"H
— Collectible Catwoman Statue
— True to scale in every detail
— Fantastic Realism
— Limited Edition Only 2000 units made world-wide
— Comes complete with original packaging

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