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Buddha The Ushnisha Large Head Fine Art Statue

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Decorate your room, business, home or office with this Hand made Large Thai Buddha 23" High head statue with flame topknot and extended ear lobes to represent the Buddha's All-hearing, which is made of cast resin. Facial expression shows contemplation and contentment. The Ushnisha, or the crown of hair, is the three dimensional oval at the top of the head of the Buddha. Ushnisha is one of the most unique features of Buddhist art and Buddhist iconography. The first representations of the Buddha in the 1st century CE in the Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara also represent him with a topknot, rather than just a cranial knob. It is thought that the interpretation of the ushnisha as a supernatural cranial protuberance happened at a later date, as the representation of the topknot became more symbolic and its original meaning was lost. The original function of the ushnisha was probably intended to symbolize a crown on the top of the head of the Buddha.

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