Authentic Turtle Custom Resin Display / Paperweight

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Elegantly presented in impeccable detail, specialized by preserving nature through high quality acrylic and resin processing. While these incredible pieces serve an educational purpose, they are also perfect for displaying in any home or office.

This educational gallery display showcases an authentic a gorgeous Turtle Specimen, protectively encased in a polished clear resin and acrylic display. These species are all different and unique that can be viewed from all sides to see details and colours up close.

Product Details
— Authentic and genuine Species
— Dimensions: 3 1/2"W x 5 1/4"H x 1 3/4"D
— Since every piece is real and unique, it may very slightly differ from pictures shown
— May include information guide and/or fact sheets and/or specimen description
— Professional packaging for a Safe delivery

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