Warthog Skull- Authentic South African Warthog Skull Custom Museum Display

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This custom museum display showcases an outstanding, huge Authentic Warthog Skull (Phacochoerus africanus) cruelty-free taxidermy that has been professionally cleaned, with original tusks.

A warthog is identifiable by the two pairs of tusks protruding from the mouth and curving upwards. The lower pair, which is far shorter than the upper pair, becomes razor-sharp by rubbing against the upper pair every time the mouth is opened and closed. The upper canine teeth can grow to 10.0 inches long and have a wide elliptical cross section, being about 1.8 inches deep. The tusks are not used for digging, but are used for combat with other hogs, and in defense against predators such as; humans, lions, leopards, cheetahs, crocodiles, wild dogs and hyenas – the lower set can inflict severe wounds.

Males are known to be extremely aggressive during mating season!

It's protected under plexiglass in a custom museum display to keep it looking pristine, ensuring protection of your investment while allowing you to fully appreciate this piece of collectible ancient history. The customized descriptive metallic plaque, in addition to the detailed finishing, add to the elegant and sophisticated, gallery-quality aesthetic.

Complete with a certificate of authenticity, this piece is an exciting investment that will only get better with age.

Product details:

— Skull dimensions: 14"L x 10"W x 8"H
— Skull dimensions with display: 17''L x 11.5'W x 9'H
— Authentic and genuine Artifact
— Since every piece is real and unique, it may very slightly differ from pictures shown
— Includes Certificate Of Authenticity
— Collector-Inspired attention to detail

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