Meteorite - Authentic Martian Meteorite Over 2.1 Billion Years Old Custom Museum Display

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This custom museum display showcases an Authentic Martian Meteorite. A Martian meteorite is a rock that formed on the planet Mars and was then ejected from Mars by the impact of an asteroid or comet, and finally landed on Earth. Of over 61,000 meteorites that have been found on Earth, only 132 were identified as Martian. These meteorites were proven to be from Mars because they have elemental and isotopic compositions that are similar to rocks and atmosphere gases analyzed by spacecraft on Mars.

On October 17, 2013, NASA reported, based on analysis of argon in the Martian atmosphere by the Mars Curiosity rover, that these meteorites found on Earth thought to be from Mars were indeed from Mars. These meteorites was determined to have formed 2.1 billion years ago during the Amazonian geologic period on Mars.

It's protected under plexiglass in a custom museum display to keep it looking pristine, ensuring protection of your investment while allowing you to fully appreciate this piece of collectible space history. The customized descriptive metallic plaque, in addition to the detailed finishing add to the elegant and sophisticated, gallery-quality aesthetic.

Complete with a certificate of authenticity, this piece is an exciting investment that will only get better with age.

Product details:

— Meteorite Dimensions: 1.125"L x 1.125"W x .75"H
— Meteorite Dimensions with Display: 3"L x 3"W x 4"H
— Authentic and genuine Meteorite
— Since every piece is real and unique, it may very slightly differ from pictures shown
— Protected in a Removable Custom Museum Quality Plexiglass display
— Customized Descriptive Metallic Plaque
— Collector-Inspired attention to detail
— Includes Certificate Of Authenticity

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