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Bronze Coin Pendant - Authentic Ancient Roman Empire Bronze Coin Pendant Custom Museum Display

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This custom museum display showcases an Authentic Ancient Roman Empire Bronze Coin dating from 400-476 AD mounted in brass.

The Roman Empire ruled most of Europe, portions of northern Africa and western Asia - The Roman Emperors wielded the power over its citizens and military.
Spanning from 27 BC – 476 AD, The main focus of the imagery during the Roman Empire was on the portrait of the emperor. However, Featuring the portrait of an individual on a coin only became legal in 44 BC.

Coins were an important means of disseminating this image throughout the empire. Coins often attempted to make the emperor appear god-like through associating the emperor with attributes normally seen in divinities, or emphasizing the special relationship between the emperor and a particular deity by producing a preponderance of coins depicting that deity.

The Roman Empire period includes coins from the following Theodosian dynasty (392–455 AD) emperors, to the l ast emperors of the Western Empire (455–476 AD);
Honorius; 393 AD – 423 AD
Constantine III; 407/409 AD - 411 AD
Constantius III; 421 AD – 421 AD
Joannes; 423 AD – 425 AD
Valentinian III; 424 AD – 455 AD
Petronius Maximus; 455 AD – 455 AD
Avitus; 455 AD – 456 AD
Majorian; 457 AD – 461 AD
Libius Severus; 461 AD – 465 AD
Anthemius; 467 AD – 472 AD
Olybrius; 472 AD – 472 AD
Glycerius; 473 AD – 474 AD
Julius Nepos; 474 AD – 475 AD
Romulus Augustulus; 475 AD – 476 AD

It's protected under plexiglass in a custom museum display to keep it looking pristine, ensuring protection of your investment while allowing you to fully appreciate this piece of collectible ancient history. The customized descriptive metallic plaque, in addition to the detailed finishing, add to the elegant and sophisticated, gallery-quality aesthetic. Complete with a certificate of authenticity, this piece is an exciting investment that will only get better with age.

Product details:

— Pendant Dimensions: .75'W
— Pendant Dimensions with Display: 3"L x 3"W x 4"H
— Authentic and genuine Artifact
— Since every piece is real and unique, it may very slightly differ from pictures shown
— Protected in a Removable Custom Museum Quality Plexiglass display
— Customized Descriptive Metallic Plaque
— Collector-Inspired attention to detail
— Includes Certificate Of Authenticity

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