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Authentic 2.97 Billion Years Old Serpentine Stone Silver Pendant

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The meaning of the name of this crystal, comes from the Greek word 'serpens', meaning snake, because of the way that many pieces of this stone have a similarity to the appearance of snakeskin.
In mineralogy and gemology, there are three important mineral polymorphs of serpentine: antigorite, chrysotile and lizardite.
Serpentine stone has a strong energy known to stimulate the arousal of the kundalini (Devine energies).

The kundalini energy, or Serpent Power, is purported to reside at the base of the spine, wrapped three and a half times around the sacrum, until roused.

As part of the process to raise your kundalini energy, Serpentine Stone is known to be an extremely potent and effective stone to use - It is believed that for those who feel that there may be blockages in their chakras, this stone is a useful aid to clear blocked or stagnant energy As well as assist with healing problems within the heart, lungs, cellular regeneration.

Complete with a certificate of authenticity, this piece is an exciting investment that will only get better with age.

Product details:

— Serpentine Stone dimensions: 1 "L
— Authentic and genuine Artifact
— Since this piece is unique, you will receive the exact piece showcased in the pictures
— Includes Certificate Of Authenticity

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