This custom museum display showcases an absolute masterpiece, an authentic Blue Faience Winged Scarab dating from 360-300 BC, part of the Late Period to Ptolemaic Kingdom Dynasty.

Symbolizing self-creation or rebirth, large winged specimen were often placed on the chest of the mummified deceased or wrapped inside the bandages over that part of the body. This large and impressive winged scarab is in three parts.  Pierced for attachment, this scarab comprises two finely and beautifully detailed feathered wings on either side of an intricately carved body. Nets made of faience beadwork became a luxury fashionable feature of mummy wrappings in the Late Period. Faience amulets formed part of the beadwork pattern and served to protect the mummy through their magical properties. This scarab is one of the finer examples of such amulets. Considered sacred and personified by the god Khepri, a manifestation of the sun-god specifically at rising (i.e. resurrection) on the morning horizon, it served as a substitute heart that would ensure continued existence in the hereafter. 

Unique and one-of-a-kind, you'll receive the exact piece shown in the photos.

Protected under plexiglass in a custom display to keep it looking pristine, ensuring protection of your investment while allowing you to fully appreciate this piece of collectible ancient history. The customized descriptive metallic plaque, in addition to the detailed finishing add to the elegant, gallery quality look.

Complete with a certificate of authenticity, this crown jewel of any collection is an investment that will only get better with age

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