Ash Vs The Army of Darkness #0 25th Anniversary Hand-Signed Comic Book by Artist Nick Bradshaw

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Pay homage to one of the best horror movies of all time, The Army of Darkness and to one of the best horror Characters of all time Ash Williams, with this Hand-Signed Dynamite Entertainment 25th Anniversary special, Ash vs The Army of Darkness (2017) #0 comic book, signed by artist Nick Bradshaw.

For 25 years, Ash Williams has been waging a war in film and comics against the Army of Darkness. Now, Dynamite Entertainment is proud to present the next thrilling chapter, kicking off in this special prelude! Ash may be the Chosen One, but that doesn't mean he can hold down a steady job at S-Mart. When he's scrambling for employment, will he find himself once again thrown into battle against the Deadites? Here's a hint: The book ain't called Ash: The Guy With A Regular Job Who Doesn't Battle Against The Forces of Evil.

Ash returns home and we get a glimpse of what an ex-hero does in his spare time until a new adventure knocks at his door. Of course, Ash handles it the best way Ash knows how with snarky comments and quick wit splashed with a little apathy until that is that payment is mentioned and Ash all of a sudden gets his heroic sensibilities back.

His new adventure is going to be at a school seemingly overrun by Deadites and demons and Ash has to go undercover to deal with them. This looks like its going to be a brilliant comic to carry on the franchise and really captures Bruce Campbell’s delivery and humour from the screen.

Nick Bradshaw is an Atlantic Canadian artist who has been working in comics professionally for 16 years. He's worked for most major Publishers, at one time or another, on such titles as X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-man, Justice League, and Titans.

The triple matted display is mounted in a high-quality wood frame with metallic filet trim and finished with protective glass to keep it looking pristine. The customized descriptive metallic plaque, in addition to the detailed finishing and openings, add to the elegant and sophisticated gallery quality look. Complete with a serialized certificate of authenticity and verifiable numbered hologram, this piece is an exciting investment that will only get better with age.

Complete with a serialized certificate of authenticity, this piece is an exciting investment that will only get better with age.

Product details:

— Comic Book dimensions: 6.75"W x 10"H
— Comic Book with Frame dimensions: 15"L x 1.5"D x 20"H
— Collectible Comic Book Frame
— Hand Signed by artist Nick Bradshaw
— As every piece is unique and individually Hand-Signed, it may slightly vary from pictures shown
— High Quality Wood Frame, Metallic Fillet + Protective Glass
— Triple Matted + Customized Descriptive Metallic Plaque
— Collector-Inspired attention to detail
— Includes Certificate of Authenticity + Numbered Hologram
— Includes Mounting Hardware

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