HARLEY-DAVIDSON - 1929 AIRPLANE Die-Cast 1992 Collector Series Piggy Bank

You will see lots of types of HD merchandising imaginable in my life, but a plane piggy bank tops the list of the rarest !

This Limited Edition HARLEY-DAVIDSON - 1929 AIRPLANE is almost 11 inches long and true-to-scale in every detail to the Travel Air Model R Mystery Ship which was built in secrecy in the U.S.A. in 1929. The smooth low-wing monoplane won the coveted Thompson trophy the first time it was offered for a free-for-all-event. The Travel Air set a number of records, one of which was in 1930 when it flew from New York to L.A. in 12 hrs 53 mins. A week later, another record was set when it returned to New York in 12 hrs 25 mins...

Beautiful mirror finish, baked enamel - no chips or scratches. AND it's a piggy bank too!!!  

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