DEWAR'S WHITE LABEL Centennial 1986 Limited Edition Signature Flagon Decanter

This beautifully handcrafted, Limited Signature Edition of Dewar's White Label Whiskey Flagon, was made to celebrate the Centennial Anniversary in 1986 (1886-1986) - and is a replica of the 1886 original.  
A classy, intricately detailed decanter, befitting of Scotland's John Dewar & Sons (Scotch Whiskey Distillers) by appointment of none other than her Majesty the Queen herself! 
It's 10.5 inches tall and empty (of course). It's in museum-like original condition - even the cork which always needs replacing on these suckers after decades of drying out, is perfect and ready for business.
A must for any man-cave, bar/pub/tavern, game room - but this one's way too good for your garage... It's so good in fact - you might even be able to put this one in your living room?!?

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